China Railway No.5 Engineering Group (Fiji) Ltd

  • Suva, Fiji

China Railway First Group Co., Ltd., (CRFG), is a core member of China Railway Group Limited in the Fortune Global 500 companies. CRFG possesses the super-grade qualification of general contracting for railway and highway engineering, first grade qualification of general contracting for municipal engineering and house building engineering, first grade qualification of professional contracting for railway track laying engineering, highway pavement engineering, tunnel engineering and bridge engineering, specialized qualification for urban mass transit engineering. Now the group owns two divisions for water works and Overseas Business, 10 subsidiaries and 16 holding subsidiaries. CRFG with nearly 30,000 registered employees, including 15337 all types of professional and technical staffs; 761 experts with senior professional titles, 4 state government subsidies; the total assets of CRFG are 22.5 billion RMB and the turnover in the year reaches 45 billion RMB. The group owns large-scale machinery equipment 4,700 pieces (sets), including 26 shield machines; the total assets of machinery equipment are 3.5 billion, and the total power is 48 kilowatts. In the year 2011, to achieve operating income of 44.642 billion Yuan and the new contract amount of 60.78 billion Yuan.