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Quarterly Job snapshot : Q3, 2018

Quarterly Job snapshot : Q3, 2018

The Jobs market in Fiji 30th September, 2018*.

In this quarter, we at sent out a total of 385,300 email alerts for 1,495 jobs from 592 employers. Best of all we counted over 2,036 direct job applications from our site. A change was made so that candidates can apply directly to the employers. We continue to see more graduates joining our site with good qualifications along with demand for “clerical” / less skilled roles. We are mindful that we have to cater to all ends of the employment qualification spectrum.

Unsurprisingly, the tourism sector remains the dominant employer along with jobs in Suva and Nadi corridors (we did have a tourism job on Viwa Island – and yes, pleasingly a candidate was found). The job the MJF team would like to work in is Entertainer and Singer on a Captain Cook Cruise ship which was one of the roles advertised. Some employers continued to hire for expansion such as Six Senses along with EFL and Carpenters. Kudos from us to Holiday Inn Suva whose HR department is going digital with applications in support of their business recent digital POS systems. We also noted a number of overseas firms are interested in hiring staff in skilled roles which whilst filled from our site we continue to see many go unfilled.

Overall, we continue to see enthusiasm and optimism in the economy with employers looking for innovative ways to source candidates from an increasingly digitally savvy Fijian population.

* These results and analysis are based on our own insights and analytics.

Newsflash : We just sent out our 6,000th application and now send out 5,000 email alerts daily. We are pleased to be satisfying our mission and look forward to more of you joining it.